My name is Abhi Rajan, a Data Scientist working at Mareana, a start-up in Princeton, New Jersey. Working for a start-up means that my responsibilities include tasks ranging from analyzing and building mathematical models to project management and hiring technical staff for my firm.

Prior to joining Mareana, I spent over a decade working with big data as an Astrophysicist. My research regularly required me to handle image datasets of several hundreds to thousands of GB. My PhD thesis involved imaging nearby exoplanets and trying to explain the physics of their atmospheres.

I am a graduate of the Data Incubator program. The program is intended to enhance the Data Science toolkit of a select set of research scientists. Through the program, I have gained experience in a wide array of machine learning algorithms that I have been applying routinely at my current role.

I like to live by the motto that the “journey is the reward”.