Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you are surrounded by friends and family (if not eat a giant slice of pie anyways).

Hungry Cat

Hungry Cat

credit malicher.com/

credit malicher.com/

Importance of science

There’s a great article on the importance of Astronomy at the following IAU website – Why is Astronomy Important? 

The fact is, that we live in a political climate where research funding (apart from defense spending) is questioned and looked at suspiciously. The canadian research agency recently announced that it will only fund relevant research i.e. apparently stuff with commercial value (read this great BAD Astronomy article on it).  

Articles detailing the specific value of a science can seem to some as trite and missing the bigger picture but as scientists it would be good to read what direct benefits our field has had for the wider populace. If nothing else to answer questions related to why the public should fund basic science. A common question I get asked both here in the US and when I travel home to India is, ‘You actually get paid to do this?’. As if studying astronomy and trying to answer some of our most fundamental questions is somehow an unworthy task :/.

Second post…

Theres two reasons why this page exists.

  • first, I am questioning whether I want a continued presence on social forums such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • second, even a continue presence on social media does not preclude having a website which provides information about me in a professional manner.

So that said, this website is primarily a method by which I will talk about my research and my research interests. I will present new and fun things I might be doing in my career including the many observing runs I will embark on, in the future. It will also have the most updated information on how to reach me and my affiliations.