CoolStars 18 and more…

This has been an insane summer of travel. And it all started with CS18, one of the largest low mass stellar conferences on the planet. The timing of our BAM-I paper turned out to be highly optimal, with an invitation to come give a talk on the subject at one of the splinter sessions. I believe the talk went well and I left the meeting with a little more scientific credit than when I walked in with.

From there I headed back to Tempe for a brief respite only to then head out to the Sagan Summer Workshop. The summer school focuses on different science topics each year related to exoplanet research, and this year they focused on direct imaging.¬†Since this is directly related to my research I was admitted to the school. I have now attended two editions of this school, and both of them were excellent – this years speakers were all incredibly good and I did not find myself nodding off at any point. If interested you can watch my POP presentation at the following link –¬† Its in the Attendee POPs video starting from ~3:30.

From there I had the most relaxing portion of my summer where I went to Santa Cruz to be a TA for the AO Summer School.